Don’t stress on your way to class.
Make friends and save money sharing rides.

If the term “starving college student” applies to you, imagine stocking your refrigerator with an extra $1500 worth of groceries.

Join a CalVans vanpool for rides to and from class, and by the end of the year you will have saved around $1500.

It’s easy to join and chances are you’ll find a vanpool perfectly suited to your schedule. If you don’t, simply post a request and network with other students looking to form a new vanpool. A full van carries 15 riders, and that makes for even more cost sharing and greater savings. Not to mention the new people you will meet.

The cost per ride can average as little as $2 per day. That’s less than a latte. You owe it to yourself to give vanpooling a closer look. Why not Search Routes and Suggested Routes now?

CalVans will give you a late model air-conditioned 7, 8 or 15-passsenger van to drive, and you won’t have to take on any car payments. Learn more about how you can drive a CalVans vanpool.

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