Go Green

Approximately half of the ground-level ozone in our environment comes from motor vehicles. The best way to reduce the health hazards and other negative consequences associated with this “bad” ozone is to reduce the number of vehicle miles traveled – something CalVans has been doing with greater and greater success for years.

It would have taken 440 cars traveling 150,000 miles per year to replace the number of CalVans vehicles in operation in 2010. As CalVans grows, the total number of vehicle miles traveled each year shrinks.

The cars replaced by CalVans vanpools would have used additional gas, oil, antifreeze and tires. Those cars would have created measurable wear and tear on our roads, caused a tragic increase in the number of motor vehicle accidents, and emitted greater quantities of greenhouse gases.

CalVans is making a positive difference. Discover the many environmentally friendly qualities of CalVans, and catch sight of our tiny carbon footprint by clicking the various icons below. Figures are updated regularly. By joining a CalVans vanpool, you can make these statistics look even better!

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