CalVans will take care of your transportation issues
so you can take care of your business.

For several years now, CalVans has been popular with employers of farm laborers, because the method of transporting their employees to and from work is highly regulated by both state and federal government. CalVans has also become familiar to employers of correctional officers and other state employees who must commute long distances.

But now, with the strong emphasis on reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, more and more employers from a variety of industries and institutions are looking to CalVans as free and easy way to promote ridesharing among their employees.

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Your business will gain multiple benefits from the CalVans program:
Reduce number of workdays lost due to transportation issues
Provide added benefit to employees at no cost to you
Comply easily with the Air District’s eTRIP Rule
Promote safer, less congested roadways
Keep your business productive
Protect your liability
And more

If you would like to bring the benefits of CalVans to your operation, contact the California Vanpool Authority at 866-655-5444.

Employer-Based Trip Reduction Made Easy

The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District adopted the eTRIP Rule on December 17, 2009 to reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT) from private vehicles used by employees commuting to and from work. The trip reduction and administrative requirements of this rule apply to each employer in the San Joaquin Valley Air Basin with at least 100 eligible employees.

You can help your employees reduce VMT quickly and easily with CalVans.

Simply copy and paste the code below into your company’s webpage. The CalVans “Save Money Form a Vanpool” button will appear on your website with a link back to this site.

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