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Enter the following values to find out your monthly savings when commuting with CalVans:


Your Savings Driving Alone Vanpooling
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Monthly parking fee:
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Number of paying riders on your vanpool: 1 rider
Estimated commute cost per month:
Estimated commute cost per year:
Your monthly savings by joining a vanpool:
Your annual savings by joining a vanpool:

If your employer subsidizes commute options or if you are eligible for government subsidies, the savings when commuting in a CalVans vehicle could be even better!

* 2010 Edition AAA Your Driving Costs=56.6 cents


All CalVans vanpools base the cost per trip on the number of passengers and distance traveled. (The more riders, the less each rider pays.) The Agency bills the driver on a monthly basis to recover all costs. The driver divides the bill among the passengers, collects the payments from each rider, and forwards them to the Agency every month. The payments cover the Agency’s cost of maintaining and insuring the vans, as well as the cost of replacing them when they wear out.

A number of subsidies may be available to you depending on where you live and work, greatly reducing the cost of your monthly commute. Call 866-655-5444 to find out if you qualify for any of these cost-saving subsidies.

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