Simply getting to work every day shouldn’t be a job.
Take it easy in a vanpool.

Every day you face the same routine, which can be a good thing.

Having a consistent work schedule makes vanpooling easy.

If you thought vanpools were only for people who don’t own a car or don’t have a license, you owe it to yourself to take a closer look.  

California is highly motivated to improve air quality. In fact, the state is so committed to reducing greenhouse gases that it may actually pay you to leave your car at home. That’s right! You may qualify for a number of different government subsidies. Why not take advantage of the money that could be yours?

Even without government subsidies, CalVans riders save $1500 a year on average. Imagine the fun you could have with an extra $1500 in your pocket.

Join a gym
Take up golf
Get a monthly massage
Schedule regular movie nights
Plan that well deserved-vacation
Eat at a fancy restaurant once a month

When you save that much money, you’ve got the freedom to decide how to spend it.

Joining a vanpool won’t take long. Especially if some of your co-workers are already involved. If not, you can post a request and network with others from your workplace who want to form one. Simply find from 8 to 14 more people in addition to yourself, and you can start up a new vanpool perfectly suited to your schedule.

The cost per ride can average as little as $2 per day. That’s less than a latte. You owe it to yourself to give vanpooling a closer look. Why not Search Routes and Suggested Routes now?

Share the idea with your associates. If you’ve got 8 friends, why not consider becoming a driver? CalVans will give you a late model air-conditioned 15-passsenger van to drive, and you won’t have to take on any car payments. Learn more about how you can drive a CalVans vanpool.

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