Are you looking for ways to save money? Has your employer encouraged you to start carpooling? Are you frustrated with the number of miles commuting puts on your car? Does the speed of the freeway on-ramp marked “carpool lane” catch your eye?

If you'd like to explore the possibility of ridesharing, this website will help you get started in a few simple steps.

Sponsored by California Vanpool Authority, CalVans supplies qualified drivers with late model vans to drive themselves and others to work or school. The Agency pays for the gas, maintenance, repairs and a $10 million insurance policy. All you pay for is your ride. And you may be surprised by how little it costs.

Discover the 3 major benefits of joining a CalVans vanpool:

1. Saving Money

Sharing the cost of your commute can save you around $1500 a year. Why would anyone pass up an opportunity like that?

In this difficult economy many families are looking for ways to cut back so they can afford essentials like gas and groceries. If you’ve got to start making sacrifices just to get by each month, vanpooling provides an easy way to stretch your budget. Why give something up when you can save $1500 simply by commuting to work or school in a vanpool? It won’t even feel like a sacrifice.
Imagine what you could do with an extra $1500 in your pocket.

Pay tuition or other educational expenses
Put a down payment on a new car
Make a mortgage payment
Open a retirement account
Buy more groceries
Pay your taxes
Pay off debt

To discover your savings, calculate the cost per trip in a vanpool compared to what you’re paying to drive your own car with our Cost Calculator.

Joining a vanpool is a smart choice financially, and you can do it quickly and easily right here. Why not Search Routes and Suggested Routes now?

2. Reliablility

Have you ever had a perfectly good morning ruined by a car that won’t start? Car trouble will never keep you from getting to work or school in a CalVans vehicle. The driver simply places a call to the Agency who immediately brings out another van. And whenever the van needs service, the Agency delivers a loaner van at a location convenient to the vanpool driver.

You don’t have to worry about emergencies either. If you need to leave work early, the CalVans Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program guarantees timely transportation.

3. Cleaner Air

Air pollution in our Golden State is directly related to the amount of vehicles on our roadways. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, approximately half of the ground-level ozone in our environment comes from motor vehicles. Smog causes more than dingy air. It can cause or contribute to various health problems from eye irritation to inflammation of the lung’s airways and more.

You can do your part to help curb air pollution by leaving your car at home. One full 15-passenger van takes fourteen vehicles off the road. That’s a huge step toward a healthier environment for us all.


All CalVans include: All CalVans are:
24/7 support
Bilingual support
Gas card for driver
$10M insurance policy
Radio Communication Devices
Emergency Ride Home Program
Global Positioning System (GPS)
On-site maintenance and service
On-site window repair and replacement    
First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguisher and Roadside Safety Items

CalVans vanpools provide commuters with safe and reliable transportation at a lower cost and a smaller carbon footprint than driving alone.

CalVans meets all state and federal requirements for farmlabor transportation.

CalVans helps commuters from a number of different industries become eligible for government-backed transportation vouchers.

CalVans gives you more than enough reasons to leave your car at home. From saving money to helping the environment, joining a vanpool makes sense.

Learn how to drive one, join one or form one quickly and easily right here.
Why not Search Routes and Suggested Routes now?

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