When you work from sun up to sun down
you shouldn’t have to lose sleep over finding a ride.

You work hard to earn a living to support your family. In order to stay with your job you must have a reliable ride. CalVans can provide you with a comfortable, air-conditioned ride to work.

A CalVans ride may cost less than you are paying now, and riding in one of these well-maintained vans will help keep you and our roadways as safe as possible.

The cost varies, but most riders pay a little over $2 per ride. That’s nearly half what most raiteros charge for a ride. You owe it to yourself to give vanpooling a closer look. Why not Search Routes and Suggested Routes now?

Share the idea with your co-workers. If you can find other farm laborers who need a reliable ride, you could form a new vanpool perfectly suited to your schedule. You may want to consider becoming a driver. If you qualify, CalVans will give you a late model, air-conditioned 15-passenger van to drive and you won’t have to take on any car payments. Learn more about how you can drive, while saving money along the way.

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