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Sponsored by the California Vanpool Authority, the CalVans program offers your employees safe, reliable transportation to and from work at a lower cost than they’re probably paying now.
CalVans helps keep our roadways safe and your business productive. For program specifics, please see any of the questions below.

What is the cost of the CalVans program to employers?

Participation in the program is free to employers.

What is the cost to drivers and riders?

A one-time start-up grant provided money to set-up the CalVans program and purchase the 15-passenger vans. The money to sustain and expand the program comes from the riders themselves. Workers pay a modest fee to ride in a CalVans vanpool — often less than others pay to ride in unsafe, unreliable vehicles. The payments cover the Agency’s cost of maintaining and insuring the vans, as well as the cost of replacing them when they wear out. The drivers receive no pay — they’re simply farm workers who volunteer to operate a vanpool and enjoy the benefits of a safe, affordable, reliable commute to work.

How does CalVans ensure safety behind the wheel?

Vanpool drivers must have a Class C license, pass a required physical and provide a DMV printout showing proof of a clean driving record. The vans themselves are also equipped for safety. Each one is outfitted with a Global Positioning System, allowing CalVans staff to monitor the driver’s performance and locate the van should an emergency arise. The vans also carry first-aid kits, fire extinguishers and roadside safety items. And for maximum peace of mind, every van in the program is fully covered by a $10 million insurance policy.

What are other employers saying about CalVans?

They say it’s making a big difference in their bottom line.

How do I get more information about CalVans?

If you’d like to bring the benefits of the CalVans program to your operation, contact the California Vanpool Authority
at 866-655-5444.

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Driversort icon Phone City County FLC
Castro, J Concepcion 831-970-4605 Salinas, Monterey no
Cazares, Jorge 760-791-6503 King City, CA Monterey no
Cruz, Fidel 559-479-0885 Madera, CA Madera no
Fuentes, Eliberto 559-974-4272 Madera, CA Madera no
Hernandez, Nicolas 831-585--0208 Salinas, CA Monterey no
Lara, Manuel 831-776-1392 Yuma, AZ Yuma no
Mendez, Ricardo 805-287-0479 Santa Maria, CA Santa Barbara no
Munoz, Pedro 831-783-0569 Salinas, CA Monterey no
Orozco, Fabian 831-262-1984 Greenfield, CA Monterey no
Ramirez, Raul 928-271-7085 San Luis, AZ N/A no
Razo, Heriberto 928-276-7984 Yuma, AZ N/A no
Rios, Paulino 559-645-8447 Madera, CA Madera no
Rodriguez, Jose 831-585-4360 Greenfield, CA Monterey no
Rodriguez, Felipe 559-232-4964 Madera, CA Madera no
Santiago, Rigoberto 831-783-4798 King City, CA Monterey no
SantosOrtiz, Hugo 559-801-6683 Selma, CA Fresno no
Soto, Imelda 928-920-9908 Salinas, CA Monterey no
Vasquez, Mario 559-330-9505 Madera, CA Madera no
Verdin, Noe 831-585-6054 Salinas, CA Monterey no

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