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Carpooling reduces emissions, which helps clean up our air. According to the California Air Resources Board about 50% of all air pollution in our state comes from cars and trucks. Driving as little as 10% less can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 0.2 to 0.8 metric tons per year depending on the vehicle. EPA studies have shown that trips lasting under 15 minutes cause the most emissions per mile because the vehicle’s emission systems are not completely warmed up and functioning at their best. So even short trips contribute to poor air quality.

Thousands of people vanpool safely throughout California on a daily basis. There are a number of steps you can take to help ensure your safety. Plan to meet the person you hope to travel with ahead of time in a public place. Discuss any safety concerns you may have. Write down the person’s driver’s license number and ask for three personal references. Confirm your travel companion’s phone number by calling it. Consider exchanging photographs, emergency contact information, proof of insurance and medical information. If you have any cause for concern, however unsubstantiated, don’t travel with that person.

This ridesharing option enables a group of commuters to ride together to and from work in a van. Compared to carpools, vanpools are usually more structured. They work best when the commute is 30 miles or more, and when some of the riders do not wish to drive at all. Vanpools operate in different ways. Some are provided by agencies like CalVans, some by employers and some by commuters using their own vehicles.

The advantages of commuting in a vanpool include:

* Saving the time, stress and expense of commuting daily in your own vehicle
* Reducing wear and tear on your vehicle by using it less frequently
* Enabling you to meet new people and new make friends
* Allowing you to catch up on work, sleep, reading, etc.
* Helping reduce emissions that cause air pollution
* Reducing dependency on foreign oil
* Reducing traffic congestion

If you would like to become a CalVans vanpool driver, you must have a Class C license, pass a required physical and provide a DMV printout showing proof of a clean driving record. If you meet those qualifications and would like to volunteer to drive an CalVans vanpool, call the Kings County Area Public Transit Agency at (866) 655-5444.

Search the listings on this site for current vanpools. To access our listings, please register.

A route has been approved and currently exists as described. You may request to join at any time. A suggested route has not yet begun to operate. However, if enough riders express interest in a particular suggested route, CalVans will attempt to secure a driver. Once a driver has been approved, CalVans will notify interested riders who may choose to join the newly established vanpool at that time.

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