If you enjoy the convenience of driving to work or school, and like the idea of putting the miles on someone else’s vehicle, you may be the ideal CalVans driver. This volunteer position enables you to gain free access to a late model van that won't cost you extra to maintain or insure. You simply share in the travel expenses with all the riders in your van.

It’s quick and easy to apply to drive a CalVans vehicle. Once you are approved and become an authorized driver, you will receive all the benefits of a rider and more. As a CalVans driver you will be able to taxi your children between home and their childcare facility, and you may even stop for groceries on your way home.

Requirements for Drivers

  • Have a valid Class C license
  • Have five or more years licensed driving experience
  • Be at least twenty-one years of age
  • Pass a Class B physical exam
  • Have a clean DMV driving record
  • Wash van regularly at driver’s convenience
  • Purchase gasoline for the van with the credit card provided by CalVans (The bill for all fuel purchased is paid for by CalVans.)
  • Obtain authorization prior to having any maintenance or repairs performed
  • Volunteer (Driving for CalVans is not a paid position.)
  • Operate vanpool in a nonprofit manner
  • Collect the predetermined amount of fare directly from riders
  • Fill out a “CalVans Payments” report and include it with payments
  • Remit all payments to the CalVans office
  • Follow all the rules detailed in the Main Driver Agreement
  • Set own rules for passengers regarding
    1. pick-up/drop-off locations and times
    2. conduct on board
    3. use of the AM/FM radio

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