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Vanpool To The Rescue

     On May 10th we received an email from vanpool 372 it reads “[as we were heading] to Coalinga State Hospital and at or about 7:30 this morning, just as we passed Stratford and turned left onto the CA-41...
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A Day in the Life of a CalVans Ag Commute

 ­­1 a.m. Alarm Clock SoundsEsmeralda awakes to another day of harvesting broccoli. She sets out the items her daughters will need, leaves a note for her mother, and then catches a bus crowded with other northbound...
Christina Shallanberger

A Simple Process

   This month CalVans would like to ask for feedback from those that have recently complied with the changes we previously announced regarding the collaboration with the Federal Department of Labor.   ...
Grants, Workplace
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Colorful, Fancy and Far Away

To you, tomatoes may simply add color to your plate, but to Amador Castellanos and his vanpool group, tomatoes are what get them up in the morning. The day starts early for Amador and the workers who ride with him to...
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Reality Check

Imagine going into work thinking you’ll be working the usual eight hours, only to learn unexpectedly you’ll be pulling a double shift. Those eight hours soon turn into sixteen long hours and that still doesn’t include the...
Vanpool 236

The Perfect Match

Norma Sanchez has been part of a vanpool for 11 years, 9 of them as a volunteer driver. Before ever joining a vanpool Norma like many of us would commute in a single passenger car.After hearing about the benefits of...
Fabian Cruz, CalVans Volunteer Driver

Year-Round Work

At the beginning of his career, Fabian Cruz's main focus has been the strawberry harvest. It's been a part of his life. For 30 years Fabian Cruz has been working in agriculture. Recently, he and the company he works for...
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Easy Moving

For over 12 years, Daniel Aviña has been working for the same company – working different jobs and making his way up the ladder.Aviña started as a maquinista—a machine operator—in what is known as el destronque de romana,...
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Vacation Destination

Many people envision visiting Southern California as part of their vacation destination. The beaches, the food, the museums and the malls make it a great place to visit. However, for those like Ruben Salazar, who find...
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Winter Crops Drive CalVans South

Jose sips his coffee and waits in the darkness of early morning for the arrival of his coworkers. The gas station in Calexico, California near the border crossing from Mexico is far from his home in the Salinas Valley, but...

The Strawberry

Fernando’s cheerful nature adds a little sweetness to any day. He shares this and other traits withthe strawberries he harvests. Did you know the strawberry isn’t a berry? Did you know farmworkers aren’t necessarily what...
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Roadside Calamity Ends Well For Passengers

Ignacio Torres left King City at 3:30 a.m. as usual. The 8o-mile commute had become routine, and Torres had no reason to expect today’s drive would be different from any other. He picked up his fellow CalVans passengers, who...
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FREE commute for Santa Maria-based workers!

Santa Maria-based workers access distant fields and ride for free!With fields ready to harvest, raspberry grower, Reiter Affiliated Industries, had difficulty finding workers able to make the 50-mile round trip from Santa...

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